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Daily Pivots: Breaking Free from Habits That Hold You Back

Get motivated and back on track FAST with this book by author and Life Coach Gerry Fisher.

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OK, so you’re motivated to make that Big Change — transitioning to a more satisfying career, finding a compatible spouse, improving your grades, losing weight.

On some days and especially at first, it’ll be easy to remember what to do, and you’ll even feel like doing it. At times like this, it’s as if you’re on a smooth car trip, flowing easily from highway to highway, gliding along toward your destination. You’re exactly where you should be, doing precisely what you need to do. Just…carry on!

Then there are the other days, times when it’s hard to do the right thing. Maybe you’re feeling stressed, or suffering from a cold or lack of sleep. Perhaps you’re lured by a nap, playing a video game, or ordering junk from the fast-food drive-through.

At moments like these, it’s as if you’ve gotten momentarily distracted, and you’re just about to miss the exit you need. If you don’t adjust in time, you’ll speed right past, putting you at risk for going WAY too far down the wrong road. At times like this, you need to refocus and pivot off the unhelpful path, putting you back on track.

In his fascinating new book Daily Pivots, Life & Career Coach Gerry Fisher shows why he's a master of helping people to avoid bad habits and make better choices instead. Learn to stay on track, whether it be a big career change, a small attempt to lose a few pounds, or any other type of change. Gerry offers a fun, straightforward approach you can use to become your own, best Life Coach.

First, you’ll learn to notice when you’re just about to get off track. Second, the book presents you with methods to use right in the moment of temptation that will convince you to pivot back toward the change you want. Practice this technique often, and soon these new behaviors will become easier, automatic habits.

Brilliant ideas, intense motivation, and solid plans are all fine. However, they’re nothing without the glue of daily commitment holding them all together. Let Daily Pivots help you to make those committed and timely adjustments needed to keep you on the path toward your greatest success.

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As the expression goes, Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

Despite our best laid plans, our emotions and habits can get the best of us, nudging and pushing us off course and away from our goals.

These emotions and habits sometimes present themselves in strong patterns, some of which will be strikingly familiar to you. There’s the Procrastinator, who knows when she’s procrastinating but gives in to avoidance. There’s also the Perfectionist (who obsesses over unimportant detail), the Righteous Avenger (who values being right instead of getting the job done), and the Emotion Junkie (a rage-aholic, love addict, or TMI over sharer). People looking to transition a career KNOW about networking and how to put a resume a together. Overweight people KNOW about fewer calories and increased activity. Still, people struggle to do the right thing when it's needed in the moment.

Daily Pivots understands that it’s not about knowing what to do. It’s about coaching yourself right in that moment so that you feel like doing it. And the most powerful, human way to make that happen is with an insightful, inspiring story.

Check out this video in which I describe the power of storytelling and how Daily Pivots helps you to harness that power.


Part I of Daily Pivots provides an introduction to the basics of Life Coaching: goal setting, habit formation, motivation, and change theory. It’s for people who enjoy background reading before jumping in and trying something new.

Part II of the book is the “secret sauce.” It defines pivoting, provides the one Pivot Story that activates all the others, and includes 61 additional stories organized into 14 categories, which you can use to inspire yourself to pivot when needed.

Select a Pivot Story based on the challenge you’re facing. For example, if your old habit is tugging you toward panic because you’re facing a tough decision, then you can try one of the stories in the Making decisions chapter. If competition is unnerving you at the moment, then you can try telling yourself a story from the Competing chapter.

Other chapter categories include Being patient, Boosting confidence, Calming anxiety and fear, Changing unhelpful beliefs, Enjoying the journey of life, Focusing, Letting go of control, Managing anger, Reducing jealousy, Relaxing about mistakes, Taking better care of yourself, and Trying something different.

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Check out three of the Pivot Stories from the book!

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Gerry Fisher, Author, Life CoachHello!  My name is Gerry Fisher, and I’m a unique Life & Career Coach who speeds up the time between dreaming and doing.

As an emotion management expert, I help overcome roadblocks to happiness and success. My background includes having produced extraordinary results as a mental health counselor, assisting people with PTSD, panic attacks, depression, and more.

For example, a 26 year-old client once came to me averaging one psychiatric hospitalization every month; my work with her resulted in TWO YEARS without a hospitalization. If I can do that for someone with serious emotional disorders, imagine how I’ll help you pivot away from garden-variety procrastination, stress, worry, and blues toward feeling at ease while achieving your goals.

My Career Coaching is informed by 24 years of success in a Fortune 500 computer company, including 18 years as a hiring manager. Resumes, interviewing skills, career transition? Been there, done that.

It’s been exciting to coach people across the globe, with the furthest being a client from Australia who met online using Skype. I love my work, and I can’t wait to see where it all takes me next. Click here to visit my Life & Career Coaching website.

Gerry currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his husband David.

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